John P

I don’t normally write posts or reviews, usually because time is so tight. However, I really need to feedback and thank Paula for a wonderful yoga session at her class a couple of weeks ago. Why? What was different or special about a yoga class that I have seen advocated many times by many other practitioners?
Well, firstly as a beginner and a newbie, going to a class can be a little daunting, this was negated almost immediately, partly due to the fact that the teacher (Paula) was so relaxed yet knowledgeable, even explained some of the yogic terms and phrases as she went.
The delivery and progression was so relaxed and calm, everyone also seemed to relax and engage immediately, leading to a friendly, welcoming and positive environment. It is so nice, especially already feeling a little anxious at coming to a new class, knowing nobody, when others make you feel welcome and at ease. This was clearly a result of the inclusion and relaxed approach.
I could go on but just wanted to give something back and say a big ‘Thank You’ for making me feel at ease, and just as importantly, delivering a brilliant yoga session that accommodated me as a person fairly new to yoga, whilst being able to also work seamlessly with more advanced attendees.
Good work Paula, i’ll definitely be back!