Menopause Yoga

My menopausal journey started at 40, possibly earlier, and like a lot of women, I had no idea the symptoms I was experiencing were linked to the menopause.  I assumed I was stressed from starting a new business and just ‘getting old’.  Fast forward 6 years on a very bumpy road, and it became apparent that I was perimenopausal.  Some symptoms would come and go but others remained and became increasingly unbearable.  Doctors were keen to prescribe me with antidepressants and steroids, among other medications, but no one made the connection.  It was through my own research and the unconditional love and support of those around me that I was able to start to move forward.  And because of my own personal experiences, I knew I had to in some way, help other women.  I was blessed to train with my fellow sisters, gaining my Menopause Yoga Teacher certification with Petra Coveney who also works with Dr Louise Newson (Menopause Doctor).  I have learned how to support women going through perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause and can do so in the form of classes and workshops.

Menopause Yoga workshops include –

  • An especially adapted yoga practice that includes elements of restorative and Yin
  • Breathing techniques
  • Mindful meditation
  • Information and guidance on subjects such as symptoms, nutrition, and HRT
  • Group talk with opportunity to share experiences
  • Journal writing with guidance and the chance to reflect
  • Nibbles!

“My method is to educate and empower women to embrace menopause as an opportunity to take a pause for self-study and learn what our changing body needs as we transition to this next stage in life.” – Petra Coveney

So many of us may feel isolated and alone when going through the menopause however these workshops not only educate and empower, but they also offer a sense of community – a great way for women to come together and share their experiences, laugh, and learn from each other. 

I love helping and guiding women through this extraordinary stage of their life.  So if you are interested in attending one of my workshops, please pop over to my Events and Workshops page here and keep an eye out for our next one.  Or perhaps you know someone who would benefit from coming themselves? Alternatively,  you may be interested in a workshop at your own place of work or support group? Please do get in touch so we can talk it through.  Amazing things can happen when women come together… and not just over a glass of wine 😉

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