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I’m not very flexible.. Can I do yoga?

‘Yoga is not for the flexible.  It’s for the willing.’ – Anonymous.  Come as you are and you will find in time that your yoga practice will help you become more flexible.

What should I wear?

Comfy clothes, not too baggy.  Preferably leggings or shorts (I understand if you might prefer a looser style though) – this way I can check your alignment.  No fancy footwear is required as you’ll be barefoot on your mat.

Do I need my own kit?

If you are coming to one of my in-person classes/events, as long as you book in advance I can supply you with one of my mats as well as other props.  You may want to bring your own blanket for relaxation and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.  As your practice develops you may even wish to invest in your own mat.  If you join me for one of my online classes, you will definitely require your own mat at home.

Is yoga a religion?

No it isn’t.  It’s a philosophy that began in India approximately 5000 years ago.  Yoga can on occasion cross over into other philosophies such as Hinduism and Buddhism but it is not necessary to practice such beliefs, or surrender your own personal religious beliefs.

I’m pregnant.  Can I come to yoga?

I welcome anyone who is 14 weeks into their pregnancy or more, onto one of our 6 week  pregnancy courses (please get in touch).  However, if you are a seasoned yogi with a well established practice l’d be happy to chat with you regarding an integrated session at one of my community classes.

Do you offer private/one-to-one bespoke sessions?

Yes I do.  Ideal for people that lead very busy lives, have their own personal body/mind goals or would like to build confidence before coming to a regular class.  Your first session starts with a detailed consultation so that each class is tailored to your needs.  You can find out more here 

..Too much information?!

Then please do get in touch.  Happy to chat all things yoga 🙂

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